About Us

About Naomi

Naomi the starter, was born in September 2019 by Lake Ontario in downtown Toronto. There's no exact date of Naomi's birth as Heather, the owner and the baker, struggled to get the starter going for almost 2 weeks, but after changed the flour she fed to the starter from all purpose flour to a blend of all purpose flour and rye flour, VOILA, it started to grow predictably feed after feed, day after day. And thanks to the dark color of rye flour, Heather named it after the legendary super model Naomi Campbell.

About the Baker

Under the influence of Heather's Mom, who was a chemistry teacher, Heather has always been looking for healthy and chemical free food for the family. After watching the episode "Air" of "Cooked" on Netflix, Heather was amazed by how 4  simple (flour, water, salt and TIME) ingredients could make such a nutritious and delicious bread. With this mind, Heather began her journey to make sourdough bread for family and friends, and later on grew into selling at the seasonal markets.

Although a Bay Street consultant turned baker, she's very focused on her craft, and prides herself in dedication and excellence. Her value of the highest quality of ingredients and craftsmanship, the patience and the respect for the tradition are reflected in everyday's production and every single product. This is what makes Naomi's Dough so special.